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Today we want to share information about a new blog just released over the net. I write what i’ve found on the About page:, the Web Review blog, was founded on April 2007 with the intention to offer readers a window over the net on the most interesting start-ups or famous site you can find online.
On you will find quality web reviews about financial issues, real estate and vacation opportunities, web 2.0 sites, online stores and blogging tips…or any other subject that can help you in improving your life.

If you are looking for a good review website you are in the right place!




Have you ever had an argument about a whether something was overrated? is the place to bring that argument. Search for the topic, rate it, and tell us why.



buzzfever is a community-driven site for tracking product buzz. Users submit and decide which products are buzz-worthy, resulting in a ranking of the hottest products on the market.



Buykee stands for the people who want to purchase a digital product. We make suggestions and solutions for digital purchasing. Users are encouraged to read others’ shopping experience such as the price and the product’s endurance before buying a digital product in order to find the best. You can also share your own experience which may help other users who have problems.