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Web Review Blog

Do you have some time free? Follow the link below…and take a look at the latest site of our universe,, the Web Review blog, was founded on April 2007 with the intention to offer readers a window over the net on the most interesting start-ups or famous site you can find online.
On you will find quality web reviews about financial issues, real estate and vacation opportunities, web 2.0 sites,online stores and blogging tips…or any other subject that can help you in improving your life.

If you are looking for a good review website you are in the right place!

Dont’ forget to take also a look at the other sites of my universe: the Fucclive Free Web Directory and the Web 2.0 Directory.


Online Journal

Today I want to write about a new blog that was recommended to me.

 Do you need a new source where to find news, personal thoughts, poems, suggestions, reviews and so on? Take a look at My Online Journal, a quite new personal blog (born in May 2007). The author evidences how the blog has various kind of post and websites reviews related, for example, to financial issues (such as loan and mortgage services), real estates opportunities, poetry and literature and any subject that she think could improve reader’s life.

The blog is still young, but it’s rapidly becoming a solid tool for all web users to get any information they may need.

Take also alook at the frog in the header of this Journal blog…very funny!