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Do you like Movies? if yes, take a look at the review blog:it is totally focused on movie, tv shows and video games. It is build on the WordPress engine, it is well designed without heavy plugin that can distract reader and very simple to navigate: with the quick menu you can directly access all the posts about movie reviews, DVD reviews or TV reviews (you can also subscribe a single category feed). is definitively a nice place whew to start some movie discussions, you have in fact the possibility to insert “rants” (comments) for each different post (one for each movie)…a nice site where meet new friends and speak about your preferred movie or show.

Actually is running a nice contest: you can daily win aDVD simply participating in the daily blog life. For each activity related to the blog you gain points (2 for each rant, 3 for each referred friends, 5 for newsletter registration)…more point you have, more chance to win you have!




Connect your Family through Photos, Movies, and Pongyow care deeply about helping people tell and share their experiences, and work their hardest to make this possible. They bring experience in building high-quality web services from our past work at Google, HP, Xerox, and Stanford University. Pongyow team chose the name “Pongyow” because it’s derived from a Chinese word meaning “friend”.



Liberated Films is an online film community with three goals that are focused around Liberating filmmakers, film enthusiasts, and those less fortunate.



iLetYou is built by its users. Users are encouraged to take advantage of iLetYou as a rental and exchange medium. iLetYou users see more movies, play more games, save money, make more money and have more fun. The iLetYou platform is truly about fun and you can meet users with same interest as you have.



A site that tracks entertainment news, movies, and videos.



Watch your Movies in an Entirely new way – Your own Users can Mash-up two movies into an entirely new experience, create their own directors cut by skipping, re-arranging, and adding scenes, watch the best parts of a 2 hr baseball game or an hour TV show in 10 mins, enjoy funny/informative pop-up style video comments and parents can take control by removing inappropriate or scary scenes.



CrushTV is your college connection to the college lifestyle where college students with a .edu email address can: * Create a Custom Profile * Upload & Share Video/Pictures * Send Mail * Write Comments * Discover STUDENT Filmmakers, Clubs/Organizations, bands, comedians