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Do you have some time free? Follow the link below…and take a look at the latest site of our universe, fucclive.com:

FuccLive.com, the Web Review blog, was founded on April 2007 with the intention to offer readers a window over the net on the most interesting start-ups or famous site you can find online.
On FuccLive.com you will find quality web reviews about financial issues, real estate and vacation opportunities, web 2.0 sites,online stores and blogging tips…or any other subject that can help you in improving your life.

If you are looking for a good review website you are in the right place!

Dont’ forget to take also a look at the other sites of my universe: the Fucclive Free Web Directory and the Web 2.0 Directory.


2 responses to “Web Review Blog

  1. Dear Sir,

    I am Founder of the site http://www.adhsyteria.com which has launched beta from today.

    Kindly review and write about the same.

    Story :

    Adhysteria.com was born because we saw a need for a place where the community could come together and help one another out. A site which would enable everyone to find their basic day to day requirements in an efficient and simple manner. Community members can come here to find a house to live, a job, make new friends who share their interests, get an audience for their upcoming performance, trade anything else that they might want or have to offer or help out someone in need.

    We try to keep things simple and fun. We want people to enjoy their daily activities and we think Adhysteria.com is a way of doing that

    The Internet has done wonders to help bring ideas and people together from all over the world. But what about helping create a deeper sense of community right here, in our own city, within our own neighborhood? We’d like to help foster the feeling where we all come together and help each other out.

    Unique Features

    Free online classifieds and advertisements with Video and Google maps.

    With a unique search engine to get the user the best results for their queries.

    Users can post video footage of their classifieds and ads along with images and audio

    Users can view their classifieds and ads on Maps in 2d and 3d with technology via Google Earth

    Individual account sections will provide all data like number of visits and enquiries for your ads, modification of ads, deletion of ads and automatic emails sent for enquiries to your ads.

    Thanking You,

    Rajiv Unnikrishnan


  2. Tokjazzbilden! Kommentar u00f6verflu00f6dig egentligen.nDen su00e4ger allt. Click https://twitter.com/moooker1

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