Do you need a diet to be ready for next summer?are you little fat? beh…Don’t panic! You don’t need to start killing fitness session or unuseful diet! Just make a visit at, a totally free site that can help you with their great free calorie counter,foods and exercises database.

Do you know how much weight you want to loose? and in how many days? The free MyFitnessPal  calorie counter can help you in reach your objective: just compile online form with simple information like age, sex, actual weight, desired weight, kind of activity  and how quickly you want to loose weight (be quiet here…do not exagerate…).

In the result panel, MyFitnessPal will show instantly the result: how much time you need to reach your goal (in days/months), how much calories/day you need to eat, nutritional contents of what you are eating. You also need to understand what you can eat? you don’t know how much calories are into a pizza?  then use the food database on MyFitnessPal …and create your own diet on result basis!.

The site is totally free…you just need to going to MyFitnessPal to use the calorie counting panel!


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