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Mobile Promotion for Musicians
Ripple9’s mission is to enable musicians to reach the broadest audience possible, and to be appropriately rewarded. Ripple9 helps you promote your music as effectively as possible in a digital world: get your music in your fans pants, remind fans to come to your gigs, accelerate and manage the growth of your fan list. The service takes advantage of the fact that every one your fans, or fans-to-be has a mobile phone in their pocket , and that they know how to send and receive text and picture messages.


Get Inside Your Picture
fotowoosh is a web based system to convert 2D photos into 3D worlds. At Freewebs believes that the greatest and most powerful ideas have been expressed on a page. The more they can transform what can live on a page the more powerful and impactful everyone’s ideas can be expressed.


Where Families Live Online
Famiva is a , private social network for families. A place for you and your relatives to get connected, collaborate, build your family tree, share photos, events and stories, get reminders. With Famiva’s innovative technology, you can create your site, invite members, and start building your entire family network in just minutes.

Event Wax

The Easier, Smarter Way to Organize Special Events
Event Wax is the easier, smarter way to organize special events, from conferences and workshops to parties, gigs, and receptions.
– Customizable, hosted web site for your event
– Alternatively, hook up the registration pages with your own site
Accept payments through your paypal account
– Quick, searchable, sortable access to attendee details
And much more.


Advanced Online Collaboration
Octopz is a online service that facilitates online collaboration, in either synchronous or asynchronous environments through the use of digital media, web conferencing, VoIP and content management technologies.

Critical Metrics

Music Recommendations Across all Media
Every week, artists, DJs, music tv networks, newspapers, magazines, retailers, and bloggers recommend hundreds of their favorite new songs. Critical Metrics keeps track of recommendations and playlists across all media so you can easily find, try, and buy the best new music.


Profile Aggregator + Reputation System
linkmybox is a shareable Profile Aggregator that lists all your personal Websites, Social Networks, Blogs, Contact Info, Photo Albums and other Profiles in a box. Plus: People can leave a message in your box (this is something between a guestbook and reputation system).


Keeping Groops Connected
iGrOOps is a fresh new take on the ‘Internet communities’ concept. It’s a web-based information sharing, communication, collaboration, and marketing tool for groups (or ‘groops’) of any size. iGrOOps is ideal for local communities, large and small businesses, friends and families, non-profits and everyone in between.


Online Social Address Book
You can use Tabber to manage your contacts, look up an address, or watch live information about your contact as they update it. Tabber is here to organize your social life, and make it easier to find exactly what you’re looking for.


Share – Support – Succeed
Mumspaceaims to give mums every opportunity to succeed, both personally and financially, and embrace the challenges that come with motherhood. Founded by mums, mumspaceis a service designed to bring together the fantastic technology today’s web has to offer, and make it easy for your average mum to use. And while they’re using it, they can band together with other mums within the mumspace community.


Website Testing Communication Made Easy
With Taskee you can do the following: – See a list of URLs that have tasks assigned, – Click on a URL to see tasks related to it, – Assign and manage tasks related to the URL you are viewing; – Comment on tasks , – Write a new comment to all users of Taskee, – Switch between projects directly in Taskee, – Users are notified about new tasks by email


Free Chat for your Website or Blog
Chat adds value to your website or blog, encouraging visitors to come back often for more fun. With Geesee Visitors can talk to each other, to you, and to other people – all over the Internet – who are interested in the same topics they are. Your visitors chat with a huge community of other users who are connected to Geesee from other sites all over the world. Powerful search makes it easy to find the most relevant conversations.


Good Teachers. Good Education
WiZiQ is a place where you can find online teachers and tutors in your local area.
– Find the best teachers
– Learn from home, live through Internet
– Find tutors in your city


Present and Share
authorSTREAM is an online content sharing service that allows viewers to view and share PowerPoint files that have been uploaded by its registered members. You can Upload your presentation and share the link with your friends; embed in your blog, discover presentations on just any topic or post a comment.


Social Bookmarking of Free Cideo Lessons
SuTree is an online index and library for free video-based lessons, tutorials, lectures and how-to’s. Being a community site, SuTree depends on you and other dedicated members to contribute to the inventory of free video lessons.


Take Content Anywhere
Spinlets run inside a webpage, they allow anyone to create their own website ‘mash-ups’ by embedding content from one site into another site. Spinlets are completely based on browser technologies such as HTML, Flash, etc. It’s not a desktop widget, like the ones provided by Apple and Yahoo.


Learn More Blog Shop
DreamCrowd dream was to make to make the first online social community based on people’s dreams. A place where people could view real-time interpretation using our Dreamopedia and interact with others.


Coworker Reviews, Ratings and Feedback
Coworkers to give people the freedom to share their honest opinions about coworkers.
Coworkers gives you real, balanced, detailed feedback about your professional reputation, and lets you share the truth about your coworkers – positive, negative, and in between. And because you can remain anonymous, you need not fear retribution. Coworkers acts as a central repository of peer review from throughout your career, and it is trusted by employers as a legitimate source of information.


Search and Filter Content that Match your Interests
Turtilla is an online service which allows you to search and filter content related to your interests. This content is captured from a large variety of sources. The generated results can be converted to an RSS feed containing a number of items, with each item representing a channel of interest.


Convert any PDF File into a Graphical Images
PDFfiller converts any pdf file into a graphical image and allows the user to add text anywhere. This web site is designed to allow you to fill out any pdf form on-line.
The process is really simple. Just upload the file or specify the location of the form. When the file is loaded, simply click on any place on the form and start typing. You can enter text anywhere.