We Dig TV is the result of a 5 year journey for us….. and it all began in the Winter of 2001. The journey is by no means complete and so far it has taught us some important things; like where we want to go and just as importantly, what we want to achieve. We’ve worked hard throughout this 5 year adventure and we hope this collection of i-shows gives you as much joy and satisfaction playing them, as we have had developing them.

We’ve always thought that the broadband experience should be two way. It should engage you and allow you to dictate the terms of your experience. It should also be rich, fun and very very rewarding. Like TV itself, it should make you laugh and want to phone your friends.. So, what better way to showcase this vision than through WeDigTV.

The JD Project was formed by Beau Ner Chesluk, Russell Irwin and Anthony Rushton on the basis that there would always be a place for high quality, technically advanced rich online entertainment in your hearts. For this reason we have a team of experienced video game professionals whose task it is to get you really involved in what we produce.


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