Why Zoopy?

Remember going up Table Mountain for the first time? Or having an ultrasound – and discovering twins? Or watching a comet fall through the sky that won’t be seen again for another 100 years?

Wasn’t your first instinct to share it with someone?

Zoopy GuyLike love, global warming and dropping your buttered toast face down (every time), sharing is a law of human nature. Having someone else’s reaction as part of the experience turns plain old events into hilarious, interactive and meaningful memories that last a lifetime.

We wanted to make sharing easier than dragging out dusty old photo albums. Or not taping over your wedding video so you could play it every anniversary. And we wanted it to be more fun than just showing holiday snaps or pictures of petunias in your front garden (though there’s nothing wrong with either of these) to separate batches of friends at a time.

So what is Zoopy, exactly?

To the world at large, we’re South Africa’s first video and photo sharing social network. And flipping proud of it too!

To you, we’re the easiest way to connect and share videos and photos with friends, family, colleagues and (some very nice) complete strangers.

The process is unbelievably simple.

1. Take a picture or shoot a video
No professional equipment required – if all you have is your mobile phone, that’s all you need! If you don’t have a camera phone or digital camera, just scan in your printed photos.

2. Upload your photo or video to your Zoopy profile
Write a description, choose a channel to publish to and watch your masterpiece come to life in minutes.

3. Share it with someone
Once your stuff is live, you’ll soon have eyes from around the country (and the world) clicking through to see your latest photo and video creations. And for those special uploads, you’ll always be able to invite other Zoopy members, friends and loved ones to take a look.

It doesn’t end there. We have loads of new features on the way and regular online contests. Like:

Enter your videos in our Claim to Fame competition and show us what you’ve got!

Whether you play the flute with your toes, tell a joke like nobody’s business or fancy yourself the world’s next rock legend, your 15 minutes of fame are just a few clicks away. Enter any video you upload in Claim to Fame and stand a chance to win some snazzy prizes – just for being you.

Zoopy GuyOK, but why ‘Zoopy’?

We went through hundreds of names over the course of a few weeks. In the end, after sleeping with rhyming dictionaries, thesauruses and Dr Seuss books under our pillows, we woke up one morning with a vision (and a few stiff necks).

It had to be something short, something easy, something fun and something entirely ours.
Zoopy was the obvious choice.

Who’s behind it all?

At Zoopy HQ it’s just the four of us, for now. And a few carefully selected contributors.
Our combined backgrounds in the world of online marketing date back to 95 (Beltel, anyone?) and bring Zoopy a solid business foundation, a reliable and secure IT infrastructure, some seriously smart strategies, endless years of online reading / posting / commenting / uploading / downloading, hardcore ROI focus and a good bottle of Tassies when all is said and done on a Friday evening. Oh and just in case it matters, three of us are under 30.

Zoopy is privately owned by Full House Technologies, an online and mobile social media company that’s in business to make the world a smaller place that’s far more fun to live in.


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