• Newscribe is a tool to discover and collaborate over news that matters.
  • Newscribe operates under the belief that information should be free and can be effectively made available by peer recommendation.
  • Newscribe aims to gather interesting news based on what users think are useful to be shared to its community of readers.
  • Newscribe was created out of the frustration of reading online news. It is always annoying when news content providers require readers to register before accessing their content. Newscribe eliminates that by finding credible sources which provides real-time and up-to-date accessible content without any need for lengthy registration.
  • Newscribe increases the sense of timeliness so that news readers are made more aware and well-informed of situations around the world as soon as news breaks out.
  • Newscribe allows its users to efficiently find and read trusted news articles from many primary content providers.
  • The goal is to provide an avenue for news readers to obtain unbiased, quality news articles from multiple news streams.

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