folkd logo is a community powered social webservice that has the goal to “enrich your web-surfing experience”.

“Yeah! I searched my whole life for that thing – err… once more… what does it do???”
The idea is to aggregate recommendations, tags (keywords), audio records, comments or just “more information” which exists within knowledge of the people (the folks!) and connect it to particular webpages or topics. You and other folkd users will use this additional information while surfing to discover the web faster and find things you’d probably have missed otherwise.
“OK – and how does it work?”
We recommend to use the folkd browser extension: The sidebar directly displays related content and interaction like the “folk it” button to push a site’s reputation (rank). You can also keep track of your or your friends’ folkd pages within the sidebar. To improve the search for a certain item, add a description or tags (keywords) by clicking the “save it” button.
“Nice – but what are my personal benefits?”
Basically, there are tags to categorize and find items, audio recordings to listen to podcasts or comments if you are to tired of reading things and notes which describe someone’s opinion about a page, a news item or a topic:







“How do i get further information on the different items or the sidebar?”

First, you should check the folkd features – they explain why we think folkd is much cooler than some similar services. Furthermore there is our tour, which shows some ways to use the folkd service and see some screenshots.
Detailed information on single topics is collected through our community and help wiki. You’ll get the latest updates on folkd development within the Blog.


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