TextHQ allows you to send text messages from your PC to mobile phones in over 150 countries and over 550 mobile operators worldwide. Send text messages to one phone or group or phones instantly. Upload pictures to your gallery and send them to mobile phones worldwide. Find out whether your text message arrived or not and receive replies to your text message via email.


7 responses to “TextHQ

  1. If you’re wanting to send a text message to US mobile phone number, TextHQ sends them fast and successfully from my experience. However, sending messages internationally, have always had difficulty. In fact, the outbox will claim to have sent, but a few days later, it will change and say the message failed. Indeed, all messages sent to a mobile number that is not a US number have all failed. Although the website boasts that the mobile number is supported, as is the mobile service provider for that country.
    Also, don’t even bother sending an email or note of customer support to TextHQ. I have never received a response back, and neither have my other friends who have tried using TextHQ.

  2. Don’t even think about using this website, their service is terrible, and you never receive a response back from customer support.

  3. Ditto here! Left numerous messages, unable to use their service for months, not one answer back. I have outstanding credits and cannot use them. It’s an absolute disgrace.

  4. Worked great at first. Now I have money tied up, and like everyone else mentioned, no response from them from any of the four different ways of sending feedback. Even sent a note to the contact address in their whois listing, no reply. Horrible.

  5. IT’S A RIP-OFF! Service works when normally a new account is created and doesn’t work after some time of credits are pucrhased. I tried to file a dispute but it was not accepted by the financial institution I used to make the payment for purchasing credits. HORRIBLE SERVICE!

  6. I started using TextHQ in 2005 and everything worked fine. As one of the guys said, once you recharge, your problems begin. First it would send the same message more than once then it wouldn’t send but you’d be charged anyway.

    My recommendation is NOT to register or use this website. It’s run by a bunch of hoodlums whose customer service will never ever respond. Please is there a way to sue these thieves?

  7. Please I purchase 100 credit TextHQ online and to my greatest suprise it had never worked. Find verification sent to me below.

    Please get back to, let it work and if TextHQ does not function any longer please refund my money
    Dear ALEXANDER EJOFOR, Your TextHQ.com sales order has been successfully charged and order verification is now complete. Sales order number: 50157 Customer number: 183983 Amount: $11.25 Date: 1/26/2009 11:24:00 PM Customer name: ALEXANDER EJOFOR

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