Entertonement is a consumer media company built around sounds in the form of quotes from movies, television, sports, video games, political speeches or any other spoken word.

We have created this site as a testing environment where anyone in the world can find a quote, play the sound, and use a sound to personalize their stuff – whether that’s your MySpace, your blog, or your mobile phone. The best part is that it is all free to you, the end user! As Richard Dawson said in The Running Man, “It’s Showtime!”

With Entertonement, users can:

  • Upload, tag and share sounds worldwide
  • Browse hundreds of thousands (soon to be millions!) of audio quotes uploaded by community members and content owners
  • Find, join, and create fan groups to connect with people who have similar interests
  • Customize your experience with personalized pages, saved favorites, and neatly organized friends and groups
  • Integrate audio clips on websites, email, instant messengers, or mobile phones
  • Play exciting games, collect points, and build reputational currency to access special perks like free trips to movie premieres, lunch with movie stars, new mobile phones, free DVD’s and complimentary memberships to video rental services

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