Koolanoo brings the Jewish world together with the world’s First Jewish Social Network. Koolanoo is an invaluable resource that lets you reach out and connect with fellow members, share information and invite them to give you their input and join your network.

The Jewish people are the world’s most tightly knit social, cultural and economic network. Jews were networking long before the Internet ever existed and will be doing so for centuries to come. That’s the beauty of Koolanoo – membership is a given, all you have to do is sign up.

Koolanoo gives you the platform to network your way around the globe reaching Jewish people everywhere.

Connect, Share, and Invite.
Koolanoo offers Jewish people everywhere an opportunity to come together and share trusted, select and relevant information about anything and everything. Link-in, exchange information, share access, build up or maintain relationships with people whose friendships could bring invaluable advantages.

All content on the Koolanoo is produced and posted by our members. The site offers an array of networking tools created to enable the most convenient information sharing and communication. So, make sure you enjoy the full scope of activity when building your personal profile – live forums, chats, blogs, photos, messaging, video conferencing, advanced screening mechanisms and more and more… Active Participation Pays Off!


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