Jubii is a new “communications center” that includes email, file sharing to your contacts list, tagging, calling and (coming soon) chat. It’s basically an ajaxy email client with file storage thrown in. The volume of that storage is worth a mention, however: 10GB for your mail and files, but only for those who sign up in the early stages.

You can have it easier

Jubii’s unique combination of Web 2.0 services lets you write your emails, share your photos or chat with your friends all in one convenient, Web-based destination. You can get it together and organize all your documents, emails, or music much easier with Jubii. Gigabytes of storage space and the simple tagging system allows for powerful yet quick managing and searching of emails, photos, documents, pictures and videos. Jubii automates day-to-day routines. Its easy and powerful trusted contact management eliminates the list management demands of an email address book and ends the need to login to different programs over and over again, just to share images and information.

You decide who gets in

Jubii is a trusted environment. You decide who can communicate with you and even what people can see on your page. Jubii has been designed to protect your privacy. It’s all about you and your community of family, friends and colleagues. Jubii connects you with the people in your approved network, and ensures important connections and emails are presented to you first. The patented intelligent inbox helps you to ensure that you and your people have the privacy you need for your online link.

People before Technology

Jubii’s first-of-a-kind, intuitive online interface allows you to click less and share more. You can communicate the way you want to regardless of where you are. Anywhere in the world, you can pick any of Jubii’s communication tools: email, chat or Voice over IP to reach out to the people in your world. You prioritize, and let Jubii help your important relationships grow with smart interlinking. It gets smarter and smarter the more you use it.


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