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Rearden Commerce provides the world’s largest online marketplace for services of all kinds, including travel, entertainment, package shipping, and meeting services.

Through our online personal assistant, employees purchase services from a vast network of trusted merchants based on personal preferences and company policies. It’s a one-stop shop that balances user convenience and corporate control.

The Rearden Commerce Network is the world’s largest online marketplace for services. It helps employees find, purchase and schedule services from hundreds of thousands of trusted merchants, and provides sellers immediate access to thousands of qualified buyers at the point of purchase.

  • For the Employee

    The Rearden Personal Assistant is an online, identity-based tool that enables employees to find, schedule and purchase the services they use on a daily basis from a trusted network of more than 135,000 suppliers. The Rearden Personal Assistant puts the web to work for employees. Once a service is booked, it automatically updates the employee’s calendar, sends invitations, and even notifies them of changes via email, SMS, fax or phone.

    More about the Rearden Personal Assistant

  • For the Company

    The Rearden Services Console provides business and procurement managers control over their organization’s services spend at the point of purchase. They can easily provision new services, suppliers and policies to thousands of employees with mouse clicks. As business needs change, managers can add and change employee service levels, suppliers and policies on the fly – all without impacting employees or business processes.

    More about the Rearden Services Console

The Rearden Commerce Network


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