Itzle is probably one of the coolest visual onsite chat services out there. It gives you an avatar onsite, complete with speech bubbles and emoticons. You even can pick your gender and body features. In case you miss a message with several people visually chatting on a site at once, there’s a chat log in the lower-right corner.

Itzle makes it easy to explore photo albums and other expansive sites with your friends. When you click on a hyperlink while Itzling, your friend will see you walk over to it and fade away. Then a small message bubble will appear in your place to tell him where you’ve gone, and give him the option of following you to your new location.

Normally, in order to communicate about a certain web page friends have to either leave static messages (in the form of comments or forum posts) for their each other to read later, or switch back and forth between their browsers and IM clients. Neither method allows a seamless shared-browsing experience. With Itzle, group surfing is not only easy, it’s fun.

Itzle’s friends list lets you know where your friends are browsing whenever they’re online. Want to join them? No problem. Invite them to your current web location? It’s a snap. You can even create private Channels on any website, just for you and your friends.

The Itzle Park is a convenient meeting place for Itzlers. Shoot the breeze, watch the clouds go by, or play with the butterflies.

When the park or any other web location starts to get crowded with Itzlers, new visitors are automatically diverted into a new Channel. It’s easy to move between these “Lobby” channels, or create your own topical ones.


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