Calgoo, the Java-based app that syncs up your online and offline calendars, launches its second version today, and has graduated from a closed beta to a public download. With the update comes support for iCal, Microsoft Outlook, and both tiers of Google Apps (free and premiere). It’s also undergone a face-lift that makes it similar to Apple’s iCal with a touch of Outlook.

(Credit: CNET Networks)

Calgoo does require a small download, but what’s nice is that you can create appointments and schedule your Google Calendar without going online. The next time you’re able to connect, Calgoo will sync up your changes.

The one thing that seems to be missing from Calgoo is an e-mail client that ties in with Gmail. If you’re used to Outlook for scheduling and e-mail it seems right to have both services in one place, and with Calgoo it’s oddly absent. Since Google isn’t providing an offline app for Gmail (besides POP3 support), it would be great to have it in the same place as your Google Calendar. In the meantime, Calgoo provides a great solution for pushing your Outlook calendar to Google Calendar without uploading giant CSV files.


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