Morfik allows developers to use high-level programming languages (which give the developer more power – e.g. BASIC, C#, Pascal) to create web apps. It does this by converting apps from high level language INTO Ajax code. For example, says Morfik, all the rich internet apps in their labs were written in a high level language, then translated into Javascript. So essentially you can develop web apps not needing to know Javascript, or even what Ajax is.

You can also create web services using Morfik. In our discussion, I noticed that Adobe’s Flex was being mentioned a lot as a point of comparison. In the case of web services, the Morfik developers told me their platform offers “everything in one box” – that developers can use external things, unlike with Flex.

Another feature of Morfik is that it can create “unplugged” web apps, meaning offline functionality. They’ve built real world examples (some which can’t be mentioned publicly yet) that can run unplugged, with access to a central or local database – all via the web browser! Yes, offline web browsing and well before Firefox 3 has delivered similar functionality.

One real world example I can quote is a French investment house, which is using Morfik technology to allow their salesforce to go out into the field and collect data on their laptops, in the browser but offline – then when they come back to the office, everything is synced up automatically.

Another prototype is a desktop version of Gmail, which has the ability to check email offline:

Morfik’s platform is still in development, but their 1.0 version is due for release sometime in March – it’s currently in the last beta process.


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