GoshMe is nothing short of amazing. When you go to Google and type in, for example, “coffee,” you get 197,000,000 results. When you go to one of the Metasearch engines on the List (Dogpile, mamma, gnosh, PlanetSearch, et al) you still get millions of web Pages, but they are collated from a number of different search engines. GoshMe searches across a variety of specialized search engines and databases, and for the above “coffee” example it returned about 1,200 search engine options – each one of which might have 197,000,000 results! GoshMe results are categorized and have the option to be filtered further.

GoshMe is not a metasearch engine, but I like to think of it as a Meta-Meta-Search Engine – an entire magnitude of searching above what searchers are used to. If you are prompted to register for the Beta version, go right ahead – it’s no big deal. Try a few searches to get the feel of the results. Then, click on the About Us link for a three page summary of how GoshMe works. Here is the brief version:

“Once the user sends us his/her query, we will check all Search Engines possibilities for him/her, and present it in the most comprehensive way, providing a list of all Search Engines and Databases appropriate to his/her query, ranked by relevance, divided by categories and sub-categories, and with a brief description about each Search Engine.”


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