Spresent is free Web-based presentations application built with Flash. Create and edit high-quality Flash presentations online. You can send presentations via e-mail or publish on your web site or blog.

Frequently Askes Questions

  • Q. Is Spresent a free service?
    A. Yes, it’s FREE for personal use. And for now – it’s free for business as well. Professional/Enterprise options and features will be added later.
  • Q. Spresent helps to create Flash presentations without learning Flash?
    A. Yes, that’s the idea.
  • Q. Does it work on any platform?
    A. Yes. We develop and test on Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Q. How to view presentation in Full-screen mode?
    A. In the browser menu click on View > Full Screen (F11), or just press F11. Pressing F11 again will return the browser back to the window mode.
  • Quotes PresentationQ. Is Spresent a replacement for PowerPoint?
    A. It’s up to you. MS PowerPoint is a commercial desktop applicaiton ($229), and Spresent is a free Web application.
    If you have PowerPoint license AND you don’t need to publish presentations to the Web – PowerPoint is OK, if it serves your needs. It’s fine for what it was originally designed for: “create on Desktop – present on Desktop”. Spresent is: “create on Web – present on Web” or desktop .
    PowerPoint is simply NOT:
      • Web application (no installation)
        Convenient for Web publishing
        De-facto standard for Web presentation
        Convenient file format for Web
        Convenient for Mobile
        Updated frequently
        Cool or Free

      It’s like another “old dog – new tricks” story. So you have a choice. Click on the image to view quotes presentation.

  • Printing DemoQ. Can Spresent create off-line presentations?
    A.Yes. Flash export is coming soon. It will create stand-alone SWF file (Flash) with presentation.
    For now – just Print Presentation into PDF file (click here for video tutorial). Just use Adobe Acrobat, or free PrimoPDF driver. On Mac – PDF option is built into the print dialogue.
  • Q. What version of Flash player is required ?
    A. Flash-6 is minimum version, Flash-7 (or later) is recommended. Most computers now have version 8 or later. >> read more
  • Q. Why many options are greyed out?
    A. The greyed out features and on-line Help came from Spresent Windows version.
    We are working on porting those features into the Web version
  • Q. What are the language codes in Spresent?
    A. Here are international codes for the languages: [en] – English, [es] – Spanish, [pt] – Portuguese, [ja] – Japanese, [vi] – Vietnamese.
  • Q. What about other languages?
    A. We hope for get help from the community. If you would like to add another language – please let us know. It’s just one XML file and it will take about 2-3 hours to translate the application.
  • Q. Is Spresent a browser plug-in?
    A. No. Plug-ins require installation. Spresent does not.
  • Q. Does Spresent use Java?
    A. No. It’s developed with Flash (ActionScript)

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