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Slide is a popular online slide show application for photos and other digital media. It can be embedded onto any website, viewed on your desktop or shared with your friends.
MaiNada Comics
Mai’Nada’s Comics is sort of like a “Hot or Not” for sketches. You can see the way the artists draw their sketches, line-by-line and rate them. You can also try your own hand at it by using the drawing application on the site.
VideoModelPics is new social network for models, actors, dancers, extras, photographers and artists. It has great potential for the lesser known and unorganized professional artists to network, socialize, get assignments, hire professionals and generally form an online club for similar kind of professionals. is a search engine that allows you to define a search topic, then refine it with the use of filters, and finally subscribe to the saved searches via email or RSS.
Gabmail is a free, simple-to-use video email service which allows anyone with a webcam or video camera to freely send, reply to and forward unlimited numbers of video messages to anyone with an email address.
BooRah is a personalized review guide providing consumers a smarter way to find great restaurants. BooRah’s automatically compiles online reviews from bloggers, professional critics and consumers into an easy-to-use, personalized service. Currently covering 75,000 restaurants in SF, NY and LA, BooRah has collected 200,000 reviews from across the web to help you choose the perfect restaurant.
Eyejot is a comprehensive, client-free, video-messaging platform which enables people to easily send and receive video messages from within their existing internet browsing environment. You don’t need to download or install any additional software.
SimplifyThis is an intuitive web-based invoicing and payment management software for use in small business, freelancing or independent contracting. You can easily invoice your customers using email, get paid faster online and track payments too. It is currently free during its beta stage.
Twitter is a mashup of social networking, instant messaging and wireless communication that lets users post short (140 characters max) notes on what they are up to or thinking at that instant. They can similarly check messages from other users in the network.
Odeo offers a huge number of free MP3s and podcasts which you can download, hear from the site directly or even use on your website.
Javimoya (VideoDownloader) gives you the option of downloading your favorite videos from a large list of popular video feed sites. It also offers a Firefox extension that makes the entire operation a single click one.
HubTag helps people create the sort of tags that people use on Flickr and YouTube to uniquely identify an event and help users find each other’s photos, videos and blog posts.
Mosoma provides a venue for students and employees of colleges, universities, community colleges and trade schools to buy/sell, bid or barter for goods and services.


providing users with a way to record and share video messages with others using their Webcams. Vlip has incorporated a system similar to YouTube’s, allowing Vlip users to post a video response to another user’s video. Both the video and its responses can be viewed from embedded Vlip clips on social networking profiles, blogs, and Web sites (similar to the dynamically updating embeds on SplashCast and Searchles.) Posting and browsing the site requires no registration.


We all have things – consumer electronics, valuable furniture, collections, or collectibles. Whether you have a household of stuff, a collection of great art, wines, comic books, or sports memorabilia – you name it, MyThings provides a safe, easy-to-use place for you to catalog it and track it online.


TryBeta, a service for connecting software beta testers and developers. It’s currently in private beta itself, and I’m undecided on whether it’ll take off.

Assignment Zero

AssignmentZero, a peer produced journalism – or “citzen journalism” – project. Wired coined the term “crowdsourcing”, so if they can’t make it work, no one can. I’m skeptical about whether any of this stuff can be successful due to the headaches of managing large teams – Wikipedia broke out, but WikiNews didn’t. The project is funded by Reuters, but it’s a non-profit.


iVillage Connect, as the service is being called, is a bona fide “MySpace for Moms” – something that may concern existing social networks for parents (CafeMom, MothersClick, ParentsConnect etc). It’s really well made, too, providing users with profile pages, blogs, a network of friends, profile design customization and the ability to embed external widgets like RockYou slideshows. The most popular widgets right now seem to be BunnyHeroLabs pets, Kaboodle wishlists, and RockYou slideshows, the Shelfari bookshelf widget and the iLike player.

It’s deeply integrated with iVillage, too, to the extent that it’s hard to tell where iVillage ends and Connect begins. However, it seems that the new user-generated video galleries, photo sharing feature, groups, forums and sharable calendar are all part of the new social network – an impressive set of features that’s been implemented well.

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