An AJAX-based Web site builder.

Create Sites

Create sites by clicking on the “Create Site” link, remove sites by selecting “Delete”, and edit your site by clicking on it.

My Pages

Each site contains a number of pages on which content elements, such as text, pictures, videos, maps, ads and more, can be placed. Your pages will show up to the left, and can be reordered by dragging up or down.

Trash Area

The trash area is located on the right. Drag your elements to the trash to remove them from your page.

Element Bar

The element bar is on the top of the page, and follows you down when you scroll. Select an element category, and drag the element on to your page. Element types include text, pictures, videos, maps, ads, a Flickr badge, Badgr, an RSS feed reader, and more. Don’t see an element you like? Suggest it, and we’ll add it as soon as we can.

The Content Area

In the middle of the page and below the element bar is the content area. Drag any elements on to this area, and they’ll appear as they will on your page. Double click anything to edit it, and drag elements up and down to reorder them.

Site Actions

Slightly above the content area are your site actions. You can choose a theme, preview your web site, edit your site’s settings, add a page, and publish your site.

Site Properties

The site properties window allows you to edit various settings related to your current site. From this window, you can edit the location of your site (yoursite.weebly.com), your site’s title, it’s theme, and the theme’s options.

Export Site

Export your site to a zip file. This can be useful if you want to host your site on a different server, or to back up your site for recovery purposes.

Theme Chooser

The theme chooser allows you to select the theme for your site, the amount of themes to show per page, and to select themes based on various categories.

Themes Available

Various attractive themes are available to use for your site. Don’t see your favorite theme? Follow our theme guidelines to submit a theme for approval, and we’ll add it as soon as we can.


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