There are soo many sexy video clips all over the internet. In most cases you end up on some website and start browsing through them. Soon you realise that most of the videos are just a filler. You then spend the rest of your time on that website trying to filter out their best videos. At the end of the day its the best videos that you want to see. Here at only the sexiest videos make it through. How? Its simple! You or another user like you submits an embedded code of the video he liked. Most video sharing website such as youtube give you the code you need. That video then gets moved into the “New videos” section where it awaits for votes. If the video is good and it gets a certain amount of votes during a certain time period, it gets promoted to the front page. If it does not, well then, when time comes it just gets buried away. Obviously this website is nothing without its users so please do vote for videos you like and feel free to submit your own.

How to submit a video:

Step 1: Find a video you like on one of the sites bellow.
Google videos
Try searching for keywords such as sexy, babes, strip etc. You will get a lot of results. You can also try other sites but make sure you don’t post any hardcore videos. Keep it sexy. We don’t need porn here :p
Step 2: Grab the embed code.
Just copy the code labeled “embedded” located somehwre near the video by highlighting it and pressing Ctrl+C. See the screen shot bellow to get the idea of what it could look like.
tep 3: Paste the code.
Now you can go back to VoteSexy, click on “Submit a new video” and follow our simple instructions. To paste the code to Tap Ctrl+V. Done! Please do contribute to the site. It only takes a minute to submit a video. Dont be lazy! 😀 The more videos we have the better for everyone. Thank you guys!


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