Rearden Commerce Home

Rearden Commerce is fundamentally changing the way businesses, consumers and merchants buy and sell services. Combining a web-based personal assistant with the world’s largest online marketplace for services, Rearden puts the Web to work on the user’s behalf, automatically coordinating activities and business relationships and finding, scheduling and booking the services people need to get things done. By centralizing all services purchases in a single Web environment, Rearden gives corporations unprecedented visibility and control over spend areas that have historically gone unmanaged.

Rearden Commerce operated largely in stealth mode for six years while we passionately researched, designed and developed our revolutionary platform. To succeed where others had failed, we had to solve the difficult technology challenges required to create a robust, scalable commerce platform built on a native services-oriented architecture (SOA), and develop a set of composite applications on that platform to solve real-world business problems.

The result is a substantially disruptive solution that is unlike anything offered by incumbents within the business application and e-commerce markets. The Rearden Commerce Network is the industry’s first architecture for delivering services on-demand, and is described on the cover of InfoWorld magazine as “SOA’s Killer App.” With a six-year head start and a constantly growing technology patent portfolio, our solution is revolutionizing the services economy.

Rearden Commerce is the only company to successfully create a SOA-based, on-demand solution that places users at the center, buffering them from hundreds of different online service vendors and making the Web work on their behalf to find, purchase and manage the services they use every day.

To put it simply, we’ve created the first online marketplace for services – enabling consumers and merchants to transact in an automated, personalized and pervasive manner from any device, anywhere, anytime. Consumers use an online personal assistant to access hundreds of thousands of trusted service providers. At the same time, those service providers gain a channel through which they can market and sell perishable inventory and substantially reduce customer acquisition costs. It is a reciprocal network that represents the single largest e-commerce opportunity to date.

Before opening up our solution to consumers on a global scale, Rearden Commerce is currently proving our value in the corporate sector, offering organizations a marketplace for a wide range of business services in categories such as travel, entertainment and dining, package shipping and meeting and event planning. Major corporations including GlaxoSmithKline, JDS Uniphase, Motorola and Whirlpool are experiencing dramatic increases in employee productivity and driving savings with a solution that finally enables them to conquer the last area of unmanaged spend – services.


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