At STIRR our goal is to catalyze entrepreneurial activity in the SF Bay Area and beyond.

STIRR hosts a number of regular events that help make things happen:

Our Mixers are invite only events designed by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We bring founding teams together with a blend of members from the tech community (stealth-mode folk, startup-savvy engineers, journalists, service providers and investors). Stirr Mixers are not sit-down-and-listen events. We want people to stand up, interact, socialize and swap thoughts/ideas. We feel that there’s no better support network for entrepreneurs than other entrepreneurs with going concerns. Each mixer also provides an opportunity for early stage entrepreneurs to present ideas to their peer group, press and investors in our 60-second spot format. Let us know if your company is ready to step into the spotlight. To apply to attend, simply sign-up for a STIRR account.

At our Founder’s Table dinners we host up to 7 startup founders (and former founders) to discuss business challenges and forge relationships. This is a limited space event, held once a month in both South Bay and San Francisco locations. Let us know if you are an entrepreneur and are interested in building a peer group of other entrepreneurs.

STIRR’s Pitch Lab is designed for CEOs and other company founders who are gearing up to begin pitching venture capitalists or angel investors. The Pitch Lab provides a no-risk forum where you can practice your pitch and receive candid feedback and advice. Each PitchLab session lasts between 1-1.5 hours


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