ParkEasy is the online marketplace for car parking spaces. Find parking near train and tube stations, town centres and sporting events and best of all, book before you leave! For those with an unused driveway, garage or secure parking space you can instantly add it to the Peasy network for people to see and pay to use.
Searching for and booking parking before you leave could not be easier. Just follow the steps below and within minutes you could have your perfect parking space waiting just for you.

Find convenient parking near to:

  • Where you work
  • Train or tube stations
  • Sporting events
  • Airports

Parking spaces are available to suit everyone:

  • Driveways, garages, allocated parking spaces, and parking in car parks
  • Daily and weekly parking spaces available

Additional features include:

  • Request a Space – we’ll notify you as soon as one becomes available
  • Negotiate the price of parking
  • Add parking spaces to your favourites list
  • Send messages to owners of spaces

Once you’ve found a parking space you’d like to book, click on the ‘Book Space’ link, decide when you’d like to book the space and for how long, then complete payment.

Be sure to make sure that your car make, model and colour details are correct. This ensures that the owner of the space knows who should be parking there.

After booking parking you’ll receive a confirmation email containing:

  • The exact address of the parking space
  • A map of the area
  • Owners contact details (if booked weekly)

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