Add a job board to your site. Companies post jobs, you get paid.

Your site has a lot of visitors who share interests and skills. Employers want to reach people who have those skills. Add a job board to your site and set a price to post jobs on it. Now employers pay to reach your visitors, your visitors learn about relevant jobs, and you receive money for making this possible.
he advantage of a job board over traditional advertising, is that a job board can offer a tremendous amount of value for your visitors. Some visitors feel that ads are something they “put up with” and don’t always add a lot of value. But ads are another great way to make money off your site, and if ads are working for you, keep them there. You can have a job board in addition to traditional ads. Running a successful site is about trying new things and listening to your audience to see how they respond.
A lot of the talented people out there already have jobs. Many of them are not thinking about a new career, and even those that are, may be waiting to see what comes their way. Frankly, a large percentage of great candidates just aren’t browsing the big job boards.

Posting a job on your site is a great way for companies to reach talent that would otherwise be very difficult to reach.


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