GroupRecipes is a new social network for food lovers – its unique feature is a personified “recipe robot” that makes recommendations based on the recipes you view on the site. The rest of the network is as you’d expect: users write recipes, tag them, add photos and accept comments and ratings from other users. There are plenty of ways to interact with recipes, too: forward it to a friend, send it to a cellphone, add your own personal annotations, save it, email it, print it, subscribe to the chef or compare it to other recipes on the site in the side-by-side view.

Another thing GroupRecipes gets right: it keeps users clicking by providing related recipes, suggestions and related tags and by listing the groups that the recipe is a part of. They’ve even built their own mini StumbleUpon – an on-site toolbar that lets you stumble through related recipes by clicking the “next” and “previous” buttons. That’s not the only site they’ve taken inspiration form: browsing the food blogs today, I noticed a “Bite This” button, which links to a Digg clone on the GroupRecipes site. I think this idea might work for them: food blogs are bound to welcome the traffic, and it’s unlikely that Digg will step on their toes.

Obviously GroupRecipes has profile pages and networks of friends, but it also provides a “taste compatibility” percentage. They’re even getting into video, asking users to create their own cooking shows on GroupRecipes TV. But wait, there’s more! GroupRecipes also provides user-generated restaurant reviews for your local area, along with Google Maps integration. One last feature: widgets to post your recipes or list of friends to your blog – the image-based ones should work on MySpace, hi5, Piczo et al.


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