ePrécis is basically an application that can take an entire article and give you its essential meaning in a short prioritized list of sentences. The application programmer interface (API) at the core of the application can be embedded in a any number of programs that process

natural language English, including search output, search indexing, and book indexing.

The ePrécis Web site is an example of a new technology that creates abstracts from any text document. In this search implementation, web sites relevant to your search requests are analyzed by ePrécis and the results are returned to you in typical search format.

Unlike conventional search-and-retrieval programs, ePrécis does not simply match strings of letters to other strings of letters in an index. It analyzes words in the context of the sentence structures in which the words reside. To take a simple example, a word will have a different weight if it is a noun than if it is a modifier. ePrécis takes into account far more complex aspects of English grammar than the part of speech in which the word is used to determine if a word or phrase is relevant or not.


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