CDD - Collaborative Drug Discovery
Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc. (CDD) provides a customizable, web-based Molecular DatabankTM
to archive, mine, and collaborate around pre-clinical drug discovery chemical and biological data. CDD
is focused on the needs of distributed research groups to store and analyze both low-throughput and
high-throughput screens including small molecule, enzyme, cell and animal bioactivity data.
Archive experimental data in a searchable, database format:
Web-based interface to manually enter low-throughput
enzyme, cell, PK/ADME/Tox and animal data
• Data “Mappers and Slurpers” to efficiently batch
upload high-throughput enzyme inhibition and high content cell
growth assays
• Structured data typically generated in csv and sd files
• Unstructured data such as associated original Excel®,
Word®, jpg, gif, tif, and pdf files
• Ability to archive asynchronously – chemists enter
chemical structures and biologists enter biological activity
information independently, their results correlate via common
structure names.

Mine experimental data to uncover new insights and relevance:
Substructure and keyword searches including bioactivity,
potency and selectivity data, structure-activity relationships, pattern
recognition, Boolean searches, modeling and more
• Lipinski’s physical-chemical properties and ChemAxon
plug-ins are incorporated for 2D and 3D viewing
• 3rd party models and customized algorithms available via
web-based services
• Designed for ease of use by a general community of scientists
requiring little to no training

Collaborate selectively by choosing what, when and with whom to share:
Collaborate 3 easy ways: export or e-mail files or share within the webbased
product itself
• Secure for proprietary data before patents, available to others after patents,
publications or non-commercial collaborations
• Join and build communities around your own therapeutic or target
• For existing and new collaborations: keep data 100% confidential,
share read-only views with others or share globally – your control


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