Why Zimoz?

We got bored sending emails to each other. We had so many stories to share and discuss, but could not find a way on the web to do that, in an interesting way. Yes we could upload pictures or post videos, but that was hardly any way TO TELL A STORY.

That was when we hit upon the idea of zimoz – a format free creation tool that would be super easy to use for everyone to express stories, issues and trivia. And then someone suggested, why not let people respond to my story or help me with my issue? Hmmm…now it got really exciting.

So is zimoz the next generation of email? Maybe. Is it a blog? Most certainly, yes – but a lot more. There is multi-way communication. There is co-creation. The format is free. The experience is intoxicating.

Now you tell me what is zimoz to you. Send me an email – oops, I mean a postcard.


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