Welcome to Sparter, the world’s first company devoted to enabling global Gamer2Gamer™ (G2G™) trading of virtual currencies. As gamers we observed the interest that other gamers have in trading virtual currencies. We started Sparter because we thought gamers and the industry would benefit from a new approach, one founded on the principles of open, efficient, transparent and safe trade. While many companies exist to sell you currency, only Sparter gives you the option of buying direct from gamers and, if you want, making some money by selling to gamers.

We believe Sparter offers many potential benefits to the gaming industry:

  • Keeping today’s gamers gaming – Many gamers, we used to be among them, have loads of time to devote to their beloved addiction. But sooner or later life intrudes. Whether it’s a job, a partner or kids, we find that we have fewer hours to devote to our game. Sparter provides a means by which the time-challenged among us can keep gaming.
  • Making gaming pay – Sparter brings a unique aspect to online gaming, making this the only form of entertainment which gives any participant a chance to earn money as a result of consuming (i.e., purchasing and playing games). So while today’s sellers are mostly companies formed for the express purpose of gathering and reselling currency, Sparter empowers the little guy, the individual gamer who has no means by which to sell currency should he choose to do so. By unlocking the value created by the game play of millions of gamers, Sparter has the potential to put hundreds of millions of dollars in purchasing power back in the hands of gamers.
  • Attracting new gamers – Making gaming pay raises consumer awareness and decreases the cost of playing games supported by Sparter. We believe this will attract new consumers to online games. Granted, many will be newbs, but give them a chance.
  • Increasing the value of game publishers and developers – As RMT extends the average subscription term of gamers and attracts new gamers, the value of developers and publishers will increase. Basic economics. This increase in value should support increased investment in games.

Sparter tries to work with game developers and publishers to ensure protection of intellectual property rights and elimination of fraud. Where possible we partner with these companies to ensure safe trading and to combat bot-farming and exploits.

Sparter’s management team has deep experience in building world-class commerce platforms and in the videogame industry. We are backed by Bessemer Venture Partners, the oldest venture capital firm in the world.

So if you’re short of time and need some gold, or if you want to make some money by selling some excess gold, click to get started!


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