What is is a secure online movie and video game service that allows members to legally rent, buy and sell their collections. Simply list your items for rent and/or sale, once a member requests your item you will get paid!
How do I join
Becoming a member is simple! We ask for your email address which is also your login ID, password, name and shipping address. Then we will send you an email address to for verification, you click on the link to validate and you’re part of our interchange! No credit card required!
How much does it cost to list items?
Nothing. Listing items are completely free so list as many as you want, there’s no risk!
How do I list items on
Listing items is simple. There are a couple of ways to do it.
1) Browse by system and genres
2) Search for your item by name, title or UPC
How much does it cost to get an item?

It only cost 0.50 cents to get an item (plus the cost of the item specified by the listing member).


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