Krawler[x] is a social network weaved around collaboration and content. It is a Desktop based collaboration network that has full-fledged tools to create, share, search and securely manage communities and content.

Krawler[x] is p2p social networking platform that lets you view not just your friends’ profiles, but their shared content and more. Krawler[x] sports all the usual SNS tools – a WYSIWYG content editor, email, IM, forums, search. And the P2P part comes in, with other people able to access documents on your hard drive via Krawler[x]’s file transfer functionality.

Krawler[x] also lets you build on social networking by providing you with an interface to find and interact with people who are part of a community, not necessarily bound by Geographic or Institutional boundaries. Krawler[x] lets you create your own secure social network right from your desktop with content like Office Documents, Presentations, Help-files & Tutorials, Assignments, Project Data, Whitepapers etc

The communities comes into play when say for example, you click on an English grammar tutorial – Krawler[x] takes you to a page with a link through to the content, which is on the content owner’s hard drive. You can only open though, using the Krawler[x] client.

Krawler[x] can perform p2p searches as well. Krawler[x] search reaches the innards of Office Files (doc/ppt/xls), Acrobat Files (.pdf) and the regulars like HTML and Text Files; which means that one can efficiently full-text search within files shared on a network through Krawler[x]. The search being distributed, queries propagates rapidly through the P2P network and provide amazing speed. Krawler[x] works like a mini-Google for a small scale LAN, which uses no server.

Krawler is Windows-only and requires Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1. Essentially, the files stay on your desktop – but the social network is web-based.


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