• How does this work?
  • Your site has a lot of visitors who share interests and skills. Employers want to reach people who have those skills. Add a job board to your site and set a price to post jobs on it. Now employers pay to reach your visitors, your visitors learn about relevant jobs, and you receive money for making this possible.
  • How does it compare with advertising on my site?
  • The advantage of a job board over traditional advertising, is that a job board can offer a tremendous amount of value for your visitors. Some visitors feel that ads are something they “put up with” and don’t always add a lot of value. But ads are another great way to make money off your site, and if ads are working for you, keep them there. You can have a job board in addition to traditional ads. Running a successful site is about trying new things and listening to your audience to see how they respond.
  • Why would employers want to post jobs to my site when they have Monster, CareerBuilder, and Craigslist?
  • A lot of the talented people out there already have jobs. Many of them are not thinking about a new career, and even those that are, may be waiting to see what comes their way. Frankly, a large percentage of great candidates just aren’t browsing the big job boards.

    Posting a job on your site is a great way for companies to reach talent that would otherwise be very difficult to reach.

  • How much money can I make?
  • That depends on the number of visitors you have, how much you charge to post jobs, and the topic of your site. Some sites have made over $75,000 of revenue from their job board in the first month, but sites like this get 500,000+ visitors per month and cater to working professionals. Other sites have made an extra $100 per month. If you receive at least 2000 visitors per day and can think of companies who may want to hire your readers, give it a try. It’s free and you’ll learn very quickly if it works or not.
  • How does JobCoin make money?
  • You set the price to post jobs on your job board. Whatever price you set, JobCoin takes 30% of the posting fee. You receive the remainder.
  • How do I set it up?
  • After you sign-up, we give you a single line of HTML code to copy and paste anywhere onto your site. That’s it. You can even include the job board in your e-mail newsletter if you send one out.
  • Can I customize ______ on my job board?
  • The answer is almost certainly yes. You can customize the design (HTML & CSS) and the job categories. You can control which jobs are and are not allowed. You can set the price. You can even create coupon codes to offer different prices to different people.

    But all these customizations are completely optional. We designed JobCoin to be simple–completely hands-off. After the two minutes of setup, you can just let your job board run itself and not worry about a thing.


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