This time we want to speak about one of the most important review and price comparision site we can found on internet: Dooyoo. This site pays you to write opinions on almost anything and everything and has prizes for the best opinion. Yes, opinion, because those sites live expecially on our opinion.
People like us asks to insert new product…people like us writes reviews and opinions about everything…and people like us reads these reviews to understand if they are searching for the right product! Dooyoo simply register this opionion and let’s other users to rate it. Splendid. No spot, no false information from manufacturer. Simply human review from who have brought that object before us.

Do you need, for example, a new mp3 player? just write sentence like “portable mp3 player” in the search box and look at results (here for our example).

Number of resulting object is quite impressive…i think is impossibile to find some player missing. We can find mp3 player from Apple to Samsung, from Archos Video Player to Creative or Sony. And for each object there are lots of reviews. and an overall rating that can help us in a first selecion.
Deep inside, if we open an object selected from the mp3 home page, we can discover an real “microsite” designed around the player. Images, Overview, Techincal Detail page, all user review and price comparision are simply accessible via tabs.

But Probably, one of the most important feature of this site, is the price comparision. Dooyoo scans with regularity the most important shops and mall searching for objects listed. And show all to you! You simply need to find the best price…or the nearby shops…and click on it! immediatly you will be translated to the shop object’s page…ready to buy it. Also Ebay listing is treated.

Oh, obviously you but be registered to write a review!and remember…more you write more you will be compensated!


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