BlastMyMusic is an online service that lets you buy music directly from the websites of your favorite bands!

As an Artist, create an account on and sell your own, original music directly from your websites!

As a Customer, you can know that when you buy music from a band using, you are directly supporting your favorite artists!

Here’s why BlastMyMusic is so great:

  • No Fees. Ever
  • Sell Singles, Sell Albums. It’s your choice!
  • Independent? Signed? Our service works for everyone!
  • Our Stats section shows you how your music is selling and where!
  • Get paid as soon as funds are verified!

How Does BlastMyMusic work?


  1. Create an artist Profile
  2. Upload your music.
  3. Put your Music Blaster on your Websites.
  4. Sell your music!


  1. Select the tracks you’d like to buy from your favorite bands Music Blaster, located on their websites!
  2. Create a Customer Profile.
  3. Buy music directly from your favorite bands, and know that they are getting paid for every song sold!

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