rCache is a personal search repository/search engine that you build
yourself out of the bits and pieces of web sites, PDFs, Word docs and
other resources you might have scattered about your hard drive. All
PDFs and Word docs are uploaded, scraped of their text, tagged and

rCache Collector Firefox extension is the companion tool for drop-dead
easy web scraping. If you can select text and images on a page, you
can collect this data right into your rCache database with a click of
the mouse. Image links and Urls are parsed out and stored as
attributes of the “Entry”.

Your colleagues can have access to a subset of your collected data as
well. You can create accounts for your colleagues and assign tags and
search keywords that they can use to drill into your research.

rCache is a free service, open to serious researchers. There is a
limited beta test period starting today, and I hope to get some
helpful feedback in identifying the features that really matter to


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