HomeAndTell is the friendliest place to see real homes and real projects created by real people. From college dorm rooms to apartments in the city, lofts in the warehouse districts, and craftsmen in the suburbs, homes come in many shapes and sizes and mean something special to each one of us. Each home represents different moments in our lives and is the place where we raise our families, settle our roots, and grow with our community. Capturing the spirit of what home means to each of us is what HomeAndTell is all about! We want YOU to tell your home story.

While magazines showcase houses built by professional designers and filled with expensive furniture, HomeAndTell brings it down-to-earth, and creates a special and relaxed virtual neighborhood for real people to showcase their real homes. Like show-and-tell, the site allows you to proudly share your experiences by displaying photos of your home, projects you have worked on (or are working on), events and parties you’re planning, and really letting others get to know you and your own story. And unlike magazines, at HomeAndTell, you can ask questions, share your thoughts, and freely contribute to your community.

At HomeAndTell you can:

  • Share your experiences. Do you remember how good it felt to walk into your first home – be it a college dorm room, your first apartment, or the first home you owned? Life is about the experiences we live each day. Write it down and share it, and others will feel as good as you.
  • Browse homes or projects. Check out other homes and you just might find your next home improvement idea.
  • Share your thoughts. It’s always good to hear what others think, so we’ve created a way for you to speak your mind through ratings, comments, or compliments.
  • Create your own neighborhood. This world doesn’t have to feel so big, so go ahead and connect with your neighbors in another city, state, country, or right down the street.
  • Collaborate with others. Join a forum and discuss all things home-related. If you’ve got a question, go ahead and ask and your neighbors as well as our experts will help you out.
  • Keep up with the news. Thanks to your neighbors at HomeAndTell who submit and rate new stories, the articles section will keep you up to date with all latest buzz. You can be part of the news by submitting an original article!

So kick your shoes off, grab a cup of tea and take a walk through the HomeAndTell neighborhood. You never know who you’ll meet!


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