Txtms makes it fun, fast, and easy to exchange information with people in real-time. All you need is a mobile phone. No software download required.

From business to personal events, today’s fast-paced lifestyle demands a more efficient method of contact information exchange and superior contact management tools. Whether you meet a new friend or want to strengthen your business partnerships, contact information exchange is critical. In the past, writing information on paper, or exchanging business cards might have been sufficient. You might have even purchased contact management software and hardware in order to manage your contacts better. However, with technological advancements in the mobile phone industry coupled with an increasingly mobile lifestyle, information exchange should be less time-consuming.

Txtms, Inc. is dedicated to the mobile exchange and management of information. It boasts powerful features that can support the needs of any businessperson, while still remaining simple enough for anyone to use. Txtms provides a free service that gives you the ability to exchange information using a mobile phone and manage it by mobile phone, email, and/or Txtms.com. Our easy to use service has taken social networking to the next level by allowing people to connect in real-time. It is a practical and accessible service that will forever revolutionize old-fashioned business card as we know it; Txtms is the ultimate way to exchange and manage information.

Txtms, Inc. is a privately held company based in Los Angeles, California.


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