PeekFace is a website that enables you to rate companies related to your job experience and allows job seekers to get the inside scoop on any company. We invite you to partner with us in building this community into an informative, relevant tool for all. Go ahead and take a peek at every face in Corporate America!

You determine a company’s reputation.

You determine if others should or shouldn’t consider working at a company.

Your experiences mean a lot to others. allows all job seekers and current employees to achieve something we’d like to call “job satisfaction predictability.”

What is “job satisfaction predictability?”

“Job satisfaction predictability” is a process enabling job seekers to gather as much relevant information to grasp what it’s truly like to work for a company in a particular city. The relevance is achieved when those who worked at a company share information with those who are interested in working at that company to determine job satisfaction.

Does guarantee that job seekers achieve 100% job satisfaction?

Nothing is guaranteed and achieving job satisfaction at a company in Corporate America is certainly no exception. is simply a web-based tool to help job seekers gather as much insider information about a company as possible. The more relevant information gathered, the more likely he/she would achieve job satisfaction.

Why would a job seeker want to use is easy to use. allows job seekers to anonymously email a person already affiliated with a company. All emails going back and forth between users are sent anonymously – for example, when job seeker sends an email, the recipient of the email will see “From:” When the recipient responds to the job seeker’s email, he/she will see “From:” Basically, your identity is kept anonymous so that you can get the inside scoop about a company that you may be interested in.
Company ranking lists are all user-driven.
Job seeker can compare himself/herself with a similar employee who worked at the company.
To compare a company to other companies in the same city.

Why would anybody want to share his/her company experiences?

If you feel that your company is a great place to work, why not share this information? The company must be doing something right. Or, if you feel that your company is not a great place to work, warn others not to apply, interview, or join the company.
Companies now must compete to find the best workers. When companies compete, it is the job seeker that ultimately benefits. We at hope to be a part of a new push in corporate fairness and responsibility in taking care of all persons employed by Corporate America.
Companies, if they see fit, can change. Employee-related policies can change to be more focused on purposeful work/life experiences. Change is always beneficial to all persons, including Corporate America. By sharing your experiences on, you give the opportunity for Corporate America to respond to the people.

Let’s help one another in achieving this so-called “job satisfaction predictability.” By helping one another and sharing these experiences, employees and companies all benefit at the same time.


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