Secure Wireless Transfers Corporation (SWT) is a leader in mobile commerce solutions enabling consumers to transfer money and make purchases through mobile phones while “on the go”. SWT provides the easiest, most secure, and most cost-effective means of mobile payment available today. The company’s KushCash service, powered by SWT, allows instant, easily accessible cash transactions from anywhere through the use of its patent-pending User Interface and end-to-end payment processing system. Consumers can now send and receive money and make purchases more securely and inexpensively through its end-to-end authentication and payment processing system. The system uses SMS text messaging for instant notifications providing users with updated, timely account history and transaction alerts.

Founded in 2005 in Aliso Viejo (Orange County), California, SWT is driving vast new financial service opportunities – initially targeting 18-35 demographic audiences for venue- and event-based commerce, transit, retailing and campus environments. Kushcash is doing what the rest of the world is already doing with their mobile phones – enriching, transforming and rethinking the way that we can use our money without having to go through conventional and inconvenient means. Kushcash is backed by a fresh and vibrant team totally dedicated to making mobile payments easy, secure and fun.


  • The nation’s leading authority on mobile financial transactions to offer a secure, convenient and peer-to-peer encrypted platform for consumers
  • Opening up new opportunities for venues, retailers, and organizations by providing a secure alternative payment method for instant, easily accessible cash
  • Enables consumers to transfer money “on the go” nationwide, without any inconvenience of visits to the bank or institutions
  • KushCash service is the most convenient, cost-effective, easy-to-use, and secure means of mobile payments on the market
  • Provides the exclusive payment system of North American events for the Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) and the Professional Riders Organization (P.R.O.)
  • An intuitive interface and growing support for popular cell phone services, brands, and models
  • Unique industry relationships with event promoters, professional sports organizations financial institutions, and professional athletes
  • Addressing a mobile commerce market expected to grow to $55 billion by 2008
  • Allows consumers to send and receive money and make purchases from anywhere

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