Curbly is7 a web community that lets you show off, learn, and explore those spaces. Upon entering the home page of Curbly, you are first introduced to a very inviting color scheme and design. A featured content block gives a glimpse into what the site is about: sharing, discussing, and learning about making any environment better. Whether you are a first-time home buyer, or an architect with a lifetime of experience, Curbly may have something for you.

What is Curbly?

Curbly is a Web community for people who love where they live. Curbly is the best place to share pictures of your home, find design ideas, and get expert home-improvement advice.

Everyone should have a happy, beautiful home. With the right tools and know-how, every person can create a place that fits their personality. Curbly helps you bring out the best in your home.

Who’s Behind This?

Bruno Bornsztein

After years of fixing, mending, patching and decorating my first home, nothing feels better than opening the front door and walking into a place that is all my own. I wanted to create a place online where people can celebrate all the hard work they put into their homes. That’s Curbly!

Ben Moore

As an apartment-hopper, I’m always looking to do more with less, and add style without hassle. I want to help people feel good about their place.


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