googleadscape.png is a fantasy league game for movies.

Well, there’s lots of great movie content as well, but mostly we’re a fantasy league for movies.

The Basics

You and your friends will draft real movies for your fantasy studios, and how well these movies perform in certain real-life categories (like total box office dollars and user review scores) is how well your fantasy studio performs against the other studios in your league. You are the “CEO” of your studio. For example, when Talladega Nights makes $51 million over the weekend, it makes $51 million for your fantasy studio — if you were smart enough to draft it.

It’s 100% FREE to play. Join a public league or create your own with your friends!

So, it’s easy:

  • Sign up anytime and choose to play Moguls Box Office (basic) or Ultimate Moguls.
  • Standard seasons include Spring (Feb. 15-Apr. 30), Summer Marathon (Feb. 15-Sept. 30), Summer Blockbuster (May 1-Sept. 30) and Holiday Blockbuster (Oct.-Jan.) – but you can also set the start and end dates for your season yourself.
  • Draft your “slate” of six movies that will be released while your league is in play.
  • You get points based on how well your movies actually do in the theaters.
  • Track how well you’re doing vs. your friends during the season using the FantasyMoguls Hollywood insider analysis and content.
  • Any time you want, wipe the studio slate clean by creating a new league. Every weekend can be a fresh start! is a production of Atomic Moguls, a group of Hollywood insiders, tech industry veterans and a few hangers on.


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