Stray Cinema

Stray Cinema is a unique attempt to use web technologies to help potential filmmakers showcase their work to the world. They describe themselves as “an open source film project”.

Stray Cinema invites people to create short films, based on raw footage that was filmed in London on a digital camera. The participants are supposed to download the footage and use it to prepare their own 2 minute film. Free editing software’s are listed such as Avid, Windows Movie Maker, Video Edit Magic and Wax.

The reworked films are then uploaded onto YouTube and embedded into the Stray Cinema website.

Stray Cinema is also in touch with independent musicians and bands, via social networking sites like MySpace, to organize the music for the films.

When the number of submissions on the site reaches 30, the community of Stray Cinema users will vote for their favorite films. The top 5 films will be screened in London alongside the directors cut.

It’s a great use of web 2.0 technology to create and promote independent film-making.


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